Sunlab Journal Club


  • June 18
    Presenter: Mark Yandt
    Wafer bonded four-junction GaInP/GaAs//GaInAsP/GaInAs concentrator solar cells with 44.7% efficiency,
    Dimroth, F.; Grave, M.; Beutel, P.; Fiedeler, U.; Karcher, C.; Tibbits, T. N. D.; Oliva, E.; Siefer, G.; Schachtner, M.; Wekkeli, A.; Bett, A. W.; Krause, R.; Piccin, M.; Blanc, N.; Drazek, C.; Guiot, E.; Ghyselen, B.; Salvetat, T.; Tauzin, A.; Signamarcheix, T.; Dobrich, A.; Hannappel, T. & Schwarzburg, K.
    Prog. Photovolt: Res. Appl. 22(3), 277–282 (2014). [pdf]
  • June 26
    Presenter: John Cook
    Current progress and future perspectives for organic/inorganic perovskite solar cells,
    Boix, P. P.; Nonomura, K.; Mathews, N. & Mhaisalkar, S. G.,
    Materials Today 17(1), 16–23 (2014). [pdf]
  • July 3
    Cancelled. Replaced with talk by Rao Tatavarti from Microlink.
  • July 10
    Presenter: Akshay Krishna
    Strong Internal and External Luminescence as Solar Cells Approach the Shockley–Queisser Limit
    Miller, O. D.; Yablonovitch E.; and Kurtz, S. R.
    IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 2(3) 303–311 (2012). [pdf]
  • July 24
    Presenter: Pratibha Sharma
    Photonic design principles for ultrahigh-efficiency photovoltaics,
    Polman, A. & Atwater, H. A.,
    Nature Materials 11(3), 174–177 (2012). [pdf]
  • July 31
    Presenter: Olivier Theriault
    Double quantum-well tunnel junctions with high peak tunnel currents and low absorption for InP multi-junction solar cells
    Lumb, M. P.; Yakes, M. K.; González, M.; Vurgaftman, I.; Bailey, C. G.; Hoheisel, R. & Walters, R. J.
    Applied Physics Letters 100(21), 213907 (2012).[pdf]
  • August 14
    Presenter: Ross Cheriton
    100-period, 1.23-eV bandgap InGaAs/GaAsP quantum wells for high-efficiency GaAs solar cells: toward current-matched Ge-based tandem cells
    Hiromasa Fujii, Kasidit Toprasertpong, Yunpeng Wang, Kentaroh Watanabe, Masakazu Sugiyama, and Yoshiaki Nakano
    Progress in Photovoltaics 22 784–795 (2013). [pdf]
  • August 21
    Presenter: Henry Schriemer
    Radiative cooling of solar cells
    Linxiao Zhu, Aaswath Raman, Ken Xingze Wang, Marc Abou Anoma, and Shanhui Fan
    Optica 1 32–38 (2014). [pdf]
  • September 10
    Presenter: Luc Robichaud
    Multiphoton Sub-Band-Gap Photoconductivity and Critical Transition Temperature in Type-II GaSb Quantum-Dot Intermediate-Band Solar Cells
    Hwang, J.; Lee, K.; Teran, A.; Forrest, S.; Phillips, J. D.; Martin, A. J. & Millunchick, Phys. Rev. Applied 1(5), 051003 (2014) [pdf].
  • September 17
    Presenter: Patrick White
    Concentrator Cell Efficiency Measurement Errors Caused by Unfiltered Xenon Flash Solar Simulators
    C.R. Osterwald, M.W. Wanlass, T. Moriarty, M.A. Steiner, and K.A. Emery
    CPV-10 (2014) [pdf].
  • October 1
    Presenter: Ahmed Gabr
    Application of Reverse Bias Recovery Technique to Address PID Issue: Incompleteness of shunt resistance and quantum efficiency recovery
    Jaewon Oh, Stuart Bowden, and GovindaSamy TamizhMani
    PVSC (2014) [pdf].
  • October 15
    Presenter: Matt Wilkins
    Measurement of built-in electrical potential in III–V solar cells by scanning Kelvin probe microscopy
    Chun-Sheng Jiang, H. R. Moutinho, D. J. Friedman, J. F. Geisz, and M. M. Al-Jassim
    Journal of Applied Physics 93, 10035 (2003)
  • October 29
    Presenter: Robert Li
    Optofluidic solar concentrators using electrowetting tracking: Concept, design, and characterization
    Jiangtao Cheng, Sungyong Park, and Chung-Lung Chen
    Solar Energy 89, 152 (2013) [pdf]
  • November 12
    Presenter: Karin Hinzer
    The energy payback time of advanced crystalline silicon PV modules in 2020: a prospective study
    Sander A. Mann, Mariska J. de Wild-Scholten, Vasilis M. Fthenakis, Wilfried G.J.H.M. van Sark and Wim C. Sinke
    PIP 22, 1180 (2014) [pdf]
  • November 26
    Presenter: Viktar Tatsiankou
    Effects of spectral albedo on solar photovoltaic devices
    M.P. Brennan, A.L. Abramase, R.W. Andrews, J.M. Pearce
    Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 124, 111 (2014) [pdf]


    • February 4
      Presenter: Ross Cheriton
      Increased Photovoltaic Power Output via Diffractive Spectrum Separation
      Ganghun Kim, Jose A. Dominguez-Caballero, Howard Lee, Daniel J. Friedman, and Rajesh Meno
      Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 123901 (2013) [pdf]
    • March 4
      Presenter: Chris Valdivia
      Upper bounds for the solar energy harvesting efficiency of nano-antennas
      Guy A. E. Vandenbosch, Zhongkun Ma
      Nano Energy 1 494 (2012) [pdf]
    • March 18
      Presenter: Mark Yandt
      Quantifying the likelihood of a continued hiatus in global warming
      C D Roberts, M D Palmer, D McNeall, and M. Collins
      Nature Climate Change AOP (2015) [pdf]
    • April 1
      Presenter: Matt Wilkins
      Electro-optics of perovskite solar cells
      Qianqian Lin, Ardalan Armin, Ravi Chandra Raju Nagiri, Paul L. Burn & Paul Meredith
      Nature Photonics 9 106 (2015) [pdf]
    • April 15
      Presenter: Jacob Krich
      Hot carrier solar cell absorber prerequisites and candidate material systems
      Gavin Conibeer, Santosh Shrestha, Shujuan Huang, Robert Patterson, Hongze Xia, Yu Feng, Pengfei Zhang, Neeti Gupta, Murad Tayebjee, Suntrana Smyth, Yuanxun Liao, Shu Lin, Pei Wang, Xi Dai, and Simon Chung
      Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 135 124 (2015) [pdf]
    • April 29
      Presenter: Karin Hinzer
    • May 20
      Presenter: Ross Cheriton
      Wide-angle planar microtracking for quasi-static microcell concentrating photovoltaics
      Jared S. Price, Xing Sheng, Bram M. Meulblok, John A. Rogers & Noel C. Giebink
      Nature Communications 6 6223 (2014) [pdf]
    • June 3
      Presenter: Viktar Tatsiankou
      Transforming the cost of solar-to-electrical energy conversion: Integrating thin-film GaAs solar cells with non-tracking mini-concentrators
      Kyusang Lee, Jaesang Lee, Bryan A Mazor, and Stephen R Forrest
      Light: Science & Applications 4 e288 (2015) [pdf]
    • June 24
      Presenter: Luc Robichaud
      Metal Nanogrid for Broadband Multiresonant Light-Harvesting in Ultrathin GaAs Layers
      Ines̀ Massiot, Nicolas Vandamme, Nathalie Bardou, Christophe Dupuis, Aristide Lemaître, Jean-Franco̧is Guillemoles,and Steṕhane Collin
      ACS Photonics 1 878 (2014) [pdf]
    • July 8
      Presenter: Robert Li
      Three-terminal heterojunction bipolar transistor solar cell for high-efficiency photovoltaic conversion
      Antonio Martí and Antonio Luque
      Nature Communications 6 6902 (2015) [pdf]
    • July 22
      Presenter: Ahmed Gabr
      40% efficient sunlight to electricity conversion
      Martin A. Green, Mark J. Keevers, Ian Thomas, John B. Lasich, Keith Emery, and Richard R. King
      Progress in Photovoltaics 23 685 (2015) [pdf]
    • September 16
      Presenter: Anna Trojnar
      Light Absorption of GaInP/GaAs/Ge Solar Cell Modules With Micro/Nanoengineered Coverglasses
      Kang, E. K.; Yeo, C. I.; Kang, S. J.; Min, J. W.; Song, Y. M. & Lee, Y. T., Improved , IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 5 1130–1136 (2015) [pdf].
    • September 30 Mark Yandt

      Key parameters in determining energy generated by CPV modules
      Sarah Kurtz, Matthew Muller, Dirk Jordan, Kanchan Ghosal, Brent Fisher, Pierre Verlinden, Jun Hashimoto and Daniel Riley
      Progress in Photovoltaics 23 1250 (2015) [pdf]
    • October 14 Ross Cheriton
      Nanowire Perovksite Solar Cell
      Jeong-Hyeok Im, Jingshan Luo, Marius Franckevicǐus, Norman Pellet, Peng Gao, Thomas Moehl, Shaik Mohammed Zakeeruddin, Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin, Michael Graẗzel, and Nam-Gyu Park
      NanoLetters 15 2120 (2015) [pdf]
    • October 28 Matt Wilkins
      Algorithm for building a spectrum for NREL’s One-Sun Multi-Source Simulator
      Moriarty, T., Jablonski, J., and Emery, K.
      PVSC Proceedings 2012 [pdf]
    • November 18 Peter Rose
      Fullerene mixing effect on carrier formation in bulk-hetero organic solar cell
      Yutaka Moritomo, Takeshi Yasuda, Kouhei Yonezawa, Takeaki Sakurai, Yasuo Takeichi, Hiroki Suga, Yoshio Takahashi, Nobuyuki Inami, Kazuhiko Mase & Kanta Ono
      Scientific Reports 9483 (2015) [pdfSupplementary Material]
    • December 2 Lianne De La Salle
      Design Optimization of Single-Layer Antireflective Coating for GaAs_{1-x}P_x /Si Tandem Cells With x= 0, 0.17, 0.29, and 0.37
      Abdul Hadi, S., Milakovich, T. ; Bulsara, M.T.  and Saylan, S.
      IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 5 425 (2015) [pdf]


    • January 20, 2016 Patrick White
      Characterization of a Quadrotor Unmanned Aircraft System for Aerosol-Particle-Concentration Measurements
      James M. Brady,  M. Dale Stokes, Jim Bonnardel, and Timothy H. Bertram
      Environ. Sci. Technol (2016) [pdf].
    • February 24, 2016 Adina Luican-Mayer
      Guest Lecture on 2D materials and their applications to optoelectronic devices.
    • March 9, 2016 Eduard Dumitrescu
      The Silicon:Colloidal Quantum Dot Heterojunction
      Silvia Masala, Valerio Adinolfi, Jon-Paul Sun, Silvano Del Gobbo, Oleksandr Voznyy, Illan J. Kramer, Ian G. Hill, and Edward H. Sargent
      Adv. Mater. (2015) [pdf]
    • March 23 Joan Haysom
    • April 6 Meghan Beattie
      Cross-sectional mapping of hole concentrations as a function of copper treatment in CdTe photo-voltaic devices
      Bas A. Korevaar, Gilad Zorn, Kamala C. Raghavan, James R. Cournoyer, and Katherine Dovindenko
      Prog. Photovolt: Res. Appl. (2015) [pdf]
    • April 20  Robert Li
      Maximization of conversion efficiency based on global normal irradiance using hybrid concentrator photovoltaic architecture
      Noboru Yamada and Daika Hirai
      Prog Photovolt: Res Appl.  (2016) [pdf]
    • May 11 Luc Robichaud
      3-D Printed External Light Trap for Solar Cells
      Lourens van Dijk, Ulrich W. Paetzold, Gerhard A. Blab, Ruud E. I. Schropp and Marcel Di Vece
      Prog Photovolt: Res Appl.  (2016) [pdf]
    • May 25 Chris Valdivia
      Detailed balance analysis of area de-coupled double tandem photovoltaic modules
      Rune Strandberg
      APL (2015) [pdf]
    • June 8 Peter Rose
      Optical design of a 4-off-axis-unit Cassegrain ultra-high concentrator photovoltaics module with a central receiver
      Juan P. Ferrer-Rodríguez, Eduardo F. Fernández, Florencia Almonacid, and Pedro Pérez-Higueras
      OSA (2016) [pdf]
    • June 29 Ross Cheriton
      Photo-spin-voltaic effect
      David Ellsworth, Jin Lan, Houchen Chang, Peng Li, Zhe Wang, Yuqi Bian, Lei Lu, Jiang Xiao, Ruqian Wu and Mingzhong Wu
      Nature Physics (2016) [pdf]
    • July 13 Jacob Krich
      Quantum-dot-in-perovskite solids
      Ning, Zhijun and Gong, Xiwen and Comin, Riccardo and Walters, Grant and Fan, Fengjia and Voznyy, Oleksandr and Yassitepe, Emre and Buin, Andrei and Hoogland, Sjoerd and Sargent, Edward H.
      Nature (2015) [pdf] 
    • July 27 Louis Béchard
    • August 10 Eduard Dumitrescu
      Efficient optical extraction of hot-carrier energy
      S. Saeed, E.M.L.D. de Jong, K. Dohnalova & T. Gregorkiewicz
      Nature Comm (2014)
    • August 24 Matt Wilkins
      High-efficiency two-dimensional Ruddlesden–Popper perovskite solar cells
      Hsinhan Tsai et al
      Nature (2014) [pdf]
    • September 7
    • September 21 Yao Zhu
      A Droop Controller is intrinsically a Phase-Locked Loop
      Q. Zhong and D. Boroyevich
      IECON (2013) [pdf]
    • October 5 Maxime Rollin Tremblay
      A smarter grid with the Internet of Things
      Olivier Monnier
      Texas Instruments (2013) [pdf]
    • October 19 Emad Abyad
      Y. Yang, D.X Wang
      AISM (2015) [pdf]
    • November 2 Peter Rose
      Space-Based Power Grids Introduction: Feasibility Study
      Seyed A. (Reza) Zekavat and Ossama Abdelkhalik
      IEEE Aerospace Conference (2011) [pdf]
    • November 16 Ross Cheriton
      Improved air stability of perovskite solar cells via solution-processed metal oxide transport layers
      J. You, L. Meng, T.-B. Song, T.-F. Guo, Y. Yang, W.-H. Chang, Z. Hong, H. Chen, H. Zhou, Q. Chen, Y. Liu, N. De Marco and Y. Yang
      Nature Nanotechnology (2015) [pdf]
    • November 30 Karin Hinzer
      GaInP/AlGaAs metal-wrap-through tandem concentrator solar cells
      E. Oliva, T. Salvetat, C. Jany, R. Thibon, H. Helmers, M. Steiner, M. Schachtner, P. Beutel, V. Klinger, J.-S. Moulet, and F. Dimroth
      Progress in Photovoltaics (2016) [pdf]
      ENVI-PV: an interactive Web Client for multi-criteria life cycle assessment of photovoltaic systems worldwide
      P. Pérez-López, B. Gschwind, P. Blanc, R. Frischknecht, P. Stolz, Y. Durand, G. Heath, L. Ménard, I. Blanc
      Progress in Photovoltaics (2016) [pdf]


    • February 7 Chris Valdivia
      Demonstrating Dilute-Tin Alloy SiGeSn for Use in Multijunction Photovoltaics: Single- and Multijunction Solar Cells With a 1.0-eV SiGeSn Junction
      Radek Roucka, Andrew Clark, Tom Wilson, Tomos Thomas, Markus F¨uhrer, Nicholas Ekins-Daukes, Andrew Johnson, Rick Hoffman, Jr., and David Begarney
      Progress in Photovoltaics (2016) [pdf]
    • March 7 Javad Fattahi
      Synchronization in complex oscillator networks and smart grids
      Florian Dörflera, Michael Chertkov, and Francesco Bullo
      PNAS (2013) [pdf]
    • March 21 Kyle Robertson
      Recent trends in concentrated photovoltaics concentrators’ architecture
      Marina Buljan, João Mendes-Lopes, Pablo Benítez, and Juan Carlos Miñano
      JPE (2014) [pdf]
    • April 4 Luc Robichaud
      Three-dimensional nanoscale study of Al segregation and quantum dot formation in GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell nanowires
      L. Mancini, Y. Fontana, S. Conesa-Boj, I. Blum, F. Vurpillot, L. Francaviglia, E. Russo-Averchi, M. Heiss, J. Arbiol, A. Fontcuberta i Morral, and L. Rigutti
      APL (2014) [pdf]
      Luc Robichaud directs the interested reader to the following review of the technique used in the above paper by Mancini:
      On the interaction of an ultra-fast laser with a nanometric tip by laser assisted atom probe tomography: A review
      A. Vella
      Ultramicroscopy (2014) [pdf]
    • April 25 Peter Rose
      Enhanced carrier multiplication in engineered quasi-type-II quantum dots
      C.M. Cirloganu, L.A. Padilha, Q. Lin, N.S. Makarov, K.A. Velizhanin,H. Luo,I. Robel, J.M. Pietryga and V.I. Klimov
      Nature Communications (2014) [pdf]
    • May 9 Meghan Beattie
      Review on life cycle assessment of energy payback and greenhouse gas emission of solar photovoltaic systems
      Jinqing Peng, Lin Lu, Hongxing Yang
      Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (2013) [pdf]
    • May 23 Jacob Krich
      A Comprehensive Photonic Approach for Solar Cell Cooling
      Wei Li, Yu Shi, Kaifeng Chen, Linxiao Zhu, and Shanhui Fan
      ACS Photonics (2017) [pdf]
    • June 13 Ross Cheriton
      Highly efficient luminescent solar concentrators based on earth-abundant indirect-bandgap silicon quantum dots
      F. Meinardi, S. Ehrenberg, L. Dhamo, F. Carulli, M. Mauri, F. Bruni, R. Simonutti, U. Kortshagen & S. Brovelli
      Nature Photonics (2017) [pdf]
    • July 4 Peter Rose
      Strongly exchange-coupled triplet pairs in an organic semiconductor
      Leah R. Weiss, Sam L. Bayliss, Felix Kraffert, Karl J. Thorley, John E. Anthony, Robert Bittl, Richard H. Friend, Akshay Rao, Neil C. Greenham & Jan Behrends
      Nature Physics (2017) [pdf]
    • July 18 Luc Robichaud
      Remote epitaxy through graphene enables two-dimensional material-based layer transfer
      Y. Kim, S. S. Cruz, K. Lee, B. O. Alawode, C. Choi, Y. Song, J. M. Johnson, C. Heidelberger, W. Kong, S. Choi, K. Qiao, I. Almansouri, E. A. Fitzgerald, J. Kong, A. M. Kolpak, J. Hwang & J. Kim
      Nature Letters (2017) [pdf]
    • September 5 Kyle Robertson
      PVMirror: A New Concept for Tandem Solar Cells and Hybrid Solar Converters
      Zhengshan J. Yu, Kathryn C. Fisher, Brian M. Wheelwright, Roger P. Angel, and Zachary C. Holman
      Journal of Photovoltaics (2017) [pdf]
    • September 20 Sanmeet Chahal
      Carrier separation and transport in perovskite solar cells studied by nanometre-scale profiling of electrical potential
      C.-S. Jiang, M. Yang, Y. Zhou, B. To, S. U. Nanayakkara, J. M. Luther, W. Zhou, J. J. Berry, J. van de Lagemaat, N. P. Padture, K. Zhu & M. M. Al-Jassim
      Nature Communications (2017) [pdf]
    • October 4 Matt Wilkins
      Detailed Balance Limit of Efficiency of Broadband-Pumped Lasers
      Sergey Nechayev & Carmel Rotschild
      Nature Scientific Reports (2017) [pdf]
    • October 18 Meghan Beattie
      Hot Carrier-Based Near-Field Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion
      Raphael St-Gelais, Gaurang Ravindra Bhatt, Linxiao Zhu, Shanhui Fan, and Michal Lipson
      ACS Nano (2017) [pdf]
    • November 8 Chris Valdivia
      InAlAs photovoltaic cell design for high device efficiency
      Brittany L. Smith, Zachary S. Bittner, Staffan D. Hellstroem, George T. Nelson,  Michael A. Slocum, Andrew G. Norman, David V. Forbes and Seth M. Hubbard
      Progress in Photovoltaics (2017) [pdf]
    • November 15 Daisy Xia
      Reducing the efficiency–stability–cost gap of organic photovoltaics with highly efficient and stable small molecule acceptor ternary solar cells
      D. Baran, R. S. Ashraf, D. A. Hanifi, M. Abdelsamie, N. Gasparini, J. A. Röhr, S. Holliday, A. Wadsworth, S. Lockett, M. Neophytou, C. J. M. Emmott, J. Nelson, C. J. Brabec, A. Amassian, A. Salleo, T. Kirchartz, J. R. Durrant & I. McCulloch
      Nature Materials (2016) [pdf]
    • December 13 Jacob Krich
      Limits to the Optical Response of Graphene and Two-Dimensional Materials
      Owen D. Miller, Ognjen Ilic, Thomas Christensen, M. T. Homer Reid, Harry A. Atwater, John D. Joannopoulos, Marin Soljacǐc, and Steven G. Johnson
      Nano Letters (2017) [pdf] (Supporting Information)
  • 2018
    • January 17 Peter Rose
      Tandem luminescent solar concentrators based on engineered quantum dots
      Kaifeng Wu, Hongbo Li and Victor I. Klimov
      Nature Photonics (2017) [pdf]
    • January 31 Mikhak Samadi
      A Learning Automaton-based Scheme for Scheduling Domestic Shiftable Loads in Smart Grids
      Rajan Thapa, Lei Jiao, B. John Oommen and Anis Yazidi
      IEEE Access (Early Access) (2017) [pdf]
    • February 14 Luc Robichaud
      Highly Deformable Origami Paper Photodetector Arrays
      Chun-Ho Lin, Dung-Sheng Tsai, Tzu-Chiao Wei, Der-Hsien Lien, Jr-Jian Ke, Chun-Hao Su, Ju-Yen Sun, Ying-Chih Liao , and Jr-Hau He
      ACS Nano (2017) [pdf]
    • February 28 Robert Pollak
    • March 21 Chris Valdivia
      Double-Sided Symmetrical and Crossed Emitter Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells With Heterojunctions for Bifacial Applications
      Jyi-Tsong Lin; Chung-Tse Lee; Wen-Hao Chen; Steve W. Haga; Yu-Yan Hu; Kon-Yu Ho
      IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (2018) [pdf]
    • March 28 Daisy Xia
      Thermochromic halide perovskite solar cells
      J. Lin, M. Lai, L. Dou, C.S. Kley, H. Chen, F. Peng, J. Sun, D. Lu, S.A. Hawks, C. Xie, F. Cui, A.P. Alivisatos, D.T. Limmer & P. Yang
      Nature Materials (2018) [pdf]
    • April 11 Meghan Beattie
      Comprehensive photonic approach for diurnal photovoltaic and nocturnal radiative cooling
      Bin Zhao, Mingke Hu, Xianze Ao, Qingdong Xuan and Gang Pei
      Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2018) [pdf]
    • May 9 Warren Gies
      III–V-on-silicon solar cells reaching 33% photoconversion efficiency in two-terminal configuration
      R. Cariou, J. Benick, F. Feldmann, O. Höhn, H. Hauser, P. Beutel, N. Razek, M. W., B. Bläsi, D. Lackner, M. Hermle, G. Siefer, S. W. Glunz, A. W. Bett and F. Dimroth
      Nature Energy (2018) [pdf]
    • May 23 Ross Cheriton
      Single-crystalline, wormlike hematite photoanodes for efficient solar water splitting
      Jae Young Kim , Ganesan Magesh , Duck Hyun Youn , Ji-Wook Jang , Jun Kubota , Kazunari Domen & Jae Sung Lee
      Nature Scientific Reports (2013) [pdfwithSI]
    • June 6 Kyle Robertson
      Charge Carrier Separation in Solar Cells
      Uli Wurfel, Andres Cuevas, and Peter Wurfel
      J. Photovolt. (2015) [pdf]
    • June 27 Matthew Wilkins
      Electroluminescence-based quality characterization of quantum wells for solar cell applications
      Kasidit Toprasertpong, Tomoyuki Inoue, Amaury Delamarre, Kentaroh Watanabe, Jean-François Guillemoles, Masakazu Sugiyama, Yoshiaki Nakano
      J. Cryst. Growth (2016) [pdf]
    • July 11 Ross Cheriton
      A compact spectrum splitting concentrator for high concentration photovoltaics based on the dispersion of a lens
      J He, C A Flowers, Y Yao, H A Atwater, A A Rockett and R G Nuzzo
      Journal of Optics (2018) [pdf]
    • July 25 Mandy Lewis
      Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology: materials, devices and display technologies
      Bernard Geffroy, Philippe le Roy, and Christophe Prat
      Polymer International (2006) [pdf]
    • August 15 Eduard Dumitrescu
      Giant switchable photovoltaic effect in organometal trihalide perovskite devices
      Xiao, Zhengguo and Yuan, Yongbo and Shao, Yuchuan and Wang, Qi and Dong, Qingfeng and Bi, Cheng and Sharma, Pankaj and Gruverman, Alexei and Huang, Jinsong
      Nature Materials (2015) [pdf]
    • August 29 Mikhak
      Designing Pricing Incentive Mechanism for Proactive Demand Response in Smart Grid
      Yanglin Zhou, Song Ci, Hongjia Li, Yang Yang
      IEEE Conference Proceeding (2018) [pdf]
    • September 12 Gavin                                                                                         Smart photovoltaics based on dye-sensitized solar cells using photochromic spiropyran derivatives as photosensitizers
      Shenbo Ma, Hungkit Ting, Yingzhuang Ma, Lingling Zheng, Miwei Zhang, Lixin Xiao, and Zhijian Chen
      AIP Advances (2015) [pdf]
    • September 26 Luc
      Selecting tandem partners for silicon solar cells
      Zhengshan (Jason) Yu, Mehi Leilaeioun and Zachary Holman
      Nature Energy (2016) [pdf]
    • October 10 Kevin
      Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system
      Satoshi Nakamoto [pdf]
    • October 24 Matt
      Suppressing spatiotemporal lasing instabilities with wave-chaotic microcavities
      Stefan Bittner, Stefano Guazzotti, Yongquan Zeng, Xiaonan Hu, Hasan Yılmaz, Kyungduk Kim, Sang Soon Oh, Qi Jie Wang, Ortwin Hess, Hui Cao                           Science (2018) [pdf]
    • November 7 Annie
      Quantifying Soiling Loss Directly From PV Yield
      Michael G. Deceglie , Leonardo Micheli , and Matthew Muller
      J.Photovolt. (2018) [pdf]
    • December 5  Mandy
      Black silicon solar cells with interdigitated back-contacts achieve 22.1% efficiency
      Hele Savin, Päivikki Repo, Guillaume von Gastrow, Pablo Ortega, Eric Calle, Moises Garín and Ramon Alcubilla
      Nature Nanotechnology (2015) [pdf]
  • 2019
    • January 16 Laurier
    • January 30 Rachel
      Organic and solution-processed tandem solar cells with 17.3% efficiency
      Lingxian Meng, Yamin Zhang, Xiangjian Wan, Chenxi Li, Xin Zhang, Yanbo Wang, Xin Ke, Zuo Xiao, Liming Ding, Ruoxi Xia, Hin-Lap Yip, Yong Cao, Yongsheng Chen
      Science (2018) [pdf]
    • February 13 Chris
      Radiation degradation characteristics of component subcells in inverted metamorphic triple-junction solar cells irradiated with electrons and protons
      Mitsuru Imaizumi, Tetsuya Nakamura, Tatsuya Takamoto, Takeshi Ohshima and Michio Tajima
    • February 27 Daisy
      Silicon Nanowire/Polymer Hybrid Solar Cell-Supercapacitor: A Self-Charging Power Unit with a Total Efficiency of 10.5%
      Ruiyuan Liu, Jie Wang, Teng Sun, Mingjun, Wang, Changsheng Wu, Haiyang Zou, Tao Song, Xiaohong Zhang, Shuit-Tong Lee, Zhong Lin Wang, Baoquan Sun
      Nano Letters (2017) [pdf]
    • March 13 Meghan
      Photovoltaic performance of c-Si wafer reclaimed from end-of-life solar cell using various mixing ratios of HF and HNO3
      Jun-Kyu Lee, Jin-Seok Lee, Young-Soo Ahn, Gi-Hwan Kang, Hee-Eun Song, Jeong-In Lee, Min-Gu Kang, Churl-Hee Cho
      SEMSC (2016) [pdf]
    • March 27
    • April 10
    • April 24 Robert
      Advanced Inverter Technology for High Penetration Levels of PV Generation in Distribution Systems
      Colin Schauder
      NREL (2016) [pdf]
    • May 8 Warren
      A Silicon−Singlet Fission Tandem Solar Cell Exceeding 100% External Quantum Efficiency with High Spectral Stability
      Luis M. Pazos-Outoń, Ju Min Lee, Moritz H. Futscher, Anton Kirch, Maxim Tabachnyk, Richard H. Friend, and Bruno Ehrler
    • May 22 Peter
      Graphene–semiconductor heterojunction sheds light on emerging photovoltaics
      Luis M. Pazos-Outoń, Ju Min Lee, Moritz H. Futscher, Anton Kirch, Maxim Sanjay K. Behura, Chen Wang, Yu Wen and Vikas Berry
    • June 5 Kayden
      All‐Solution‐Processed Metal‐Oxide‐Free Flexible Organic Solar Cells with Over 10% Efficiency
      Wei Song, Xi Fan, Bingang Xu, Feng Yan, Huiqin Cui, Qiang Wei, Ruixiang Peng, Ling Hong, Jiaming Huang, and Ziyi Ge
    • July 3 Gavin
      Temperature and color management of silicon solar cells for building integrated photovoltaic
      Mohamed Amara, Fabien Mandorlo, Romain Couderc, Félix Gérenton, and Mustapha Lemiti
      EPJPV (2018) [pdf]
    • July 17 Erin
      Regional variations in the health, environmental, and climate benefits of wind and solar generation
      Kyle Siler-Evans, Inês Lima Azevedo, M. Granger Morgan, and Jay Apt
      PNAS (2013) [pdf]
    • July 31 Neda
      Novel Concepts for High-efficiency Lightweight Space Solar Cells
      F. Cappelluti, G. Ghione, M. Gioannini, G. Bauhuis, P. Mulder, J. Schermer, M. Cimino, G. Gervasio, G. Bissels, E. Katsia, T. Aho, T. Niemi, M. Guina, D. Kim, J. Wu, H. Liu
      ESPC (2017) [pdf]
    • Aug 14 Mandy
      23.6%-efficient monolithic perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells with improved stability
      Kevin A. Bush, Axel F. Palmstrom, Zhengshan J. Yu, Mathieu Boccard, Rongrong Cheacharoen, Jonathan P. Mailoa, David P. McMeekin, Robert L. Z. Hoye, Colin D. Bailie, Tomas Leijtens, Ian Marius Peters, Maxmillian C. Minichetti, Nicholas Rolston, Rohit Prasanna, Sarah Sofia, Duncan Harwood, Wen Ma, Farhad Moghadam, Henry J. Snaith, Tonio Buonassisi, Zachary C. Holman, Stacey F. Bent and Michael D. McGehee
    • Sept 11 Marziyeh
      Flexible GaAs solar cells on roll-to-roll processed epitaxial Ge films on metal foils: a route towards low-cost and high-performance III–V photovoltaics
      P. Dutta, M. Rathi, D. Khatiwada, S. Sun, Y. Yao, B. Yu, S. Reed, M. Kacharia, J. Martinez, A. P. Litvinchuk, Z. Pasala, S. Pouladi, B. Eslami, J.-H. Ryou, H. Ghasemi, P. Ahrenkiel, S. Hubbard and V. Selvamanickam
    • Sept 25 Daisy
      Challenges for commercializing perovskite solar cells
      Yaoguang Rong, Yue Hu, Anyi Mei, Hairen Tan, Makhsud I. Saidaminov, Sang Il Seok, Michael D. McGehee, Edward H. Sargent, Hongwei Han
      Science (2018) [pdf]
    • Oct 9 Rachel
      A generic internet of things architecture for controlling electrical energy consumption in smart homes
      Javed Iqbal, Murad Khan, Muhammad Talha, Haleem Farman, Bilal Jan, Arshad Muhammad, Hasan Ali Khattak
    • Oct 23 Matt
      Effectively Transparent Front Contacts for Optoelectronic Devices
      Rebecca Saive , Aleca M. Borsuk , Hal S. Emmer , Colton R. Bukowsky , John V. Lloyd , Sisir Yalamanchili , and Harry A. Atwater
    • Nov 6 Kayden
      Re-assessment of net energy production and greenhouse gas emissions avoidance after 40 years of photovoltaics development
      Atse Louwen, Wilfried G. J. H. M. van Sark, André P. C. Faaij & Ruud E. I. Schropp
      Nature Comm. (2016) [pdf]
    • Nov 20 Erin
      Passivation of all-angle black surfaces for silicon solar cells
      Tasmiat Rahman, Ruy S. Bonilla, Amirjan Nawabjan, Peter R. Wilshaw, Stuart A. Boden
    • Dec 4 Peter
      Organic and solution-processed tandem solar cells with 17.3% efficiency
      Lingxian Meng, Yamin Zhang, Xiangjian Wan, Chenxi Li, Xin Zhang, Yanbo Wang, Xin Ke, Zuo Xiao, Liming Ding, Ruoxi Xia, Hin-Lap Yip, Yong Cao, Yongsheng Chen
      Science (2018) [pdf] (SM)
  • 2020
    • Jan 30 Trevor
      Performance of Bifacial PV Arrays With Fixed Tilt and Horizontal Single-Axis Tracking: Comparison of Simulated and Measured Data
      Djaber Berrian, Joris Libal, Markus Klenk, Hartmut Nussbaumer, Radovan Kopecek
    • Feb 13 Mikhak
      Blockchain Applications in Smart GridReview and Frameworks
      IEEE Access (2019) [pdf]
    • Feb 27 Hassan
      Enhanced sub-bandgap efficiency of a solid-state organic intermediate band solar cell using triplet–triplet annihilation
      YunHui L. Lin, Marius Koch, Alyssa N. Brigeman, David M. E. Freeman, Lianfeng Zhao, Hugo Bronstein, Noel C. Giebink, Gregory D. Scholes, and Barry P. Rand
    • Mar 12 Neda
      A 19.9%-efficient ultrathin solar cell based on a 205-nm-thick GaAs absorber and a silver nanostructured back mirror
      Hung-Ling Chen, Andrea Cattoni, Romaric De Lépinau, Alexandre W. Walker, Oliver Höhn, David Lackner, Gerald Siefer, Marco Faustini, Nicolas Vandamme, Julie Goffard, Benoît Behaghel, Christophe Dupuis, Nathalie Bardou, Frank Dimroth & Stéphane Collin
    • Apr 9 Luc
      Enhanced hot electron lifetimes in quantum wells with inhibited phonon coupling
      Hamidreza Esmaielpour, Vincent R. Whiteside, Herath P. Piyathilaka, Sangeetha Vijeyaragunathan, Bin Wang, Echo Adcock-Smith, Kenneth P. Roberts, Tetsuya D. Mishima, Michael B. Santos, Alan D. Bristow & Ian R. Sellers
    • Apr 23 Meghan
      Thermal energy grid storage using multi-junction photovoltaics
      Caleb Amy, Hamid Reza Seyf, Myles A. Steiner, Daniel J. Friedman and Asegun Henry
    • May 21 Rob Hunter
      Electrical characterization and comparison of a novel covered PVT collector
      F. Leonforte, C. Del Pero, N. Aste and A. Miglioli
      ICCEP (2019) [pdf]
    • June 4 RJ 
      Multi-element lenslet array for e cient solar collection at extreme angles of incidence
      Rakan E. Alsaigh, Ralf Bauer & Martin P.J. Lavery
      Nat Sci Rep (2020) [pdf]
    • June 25 Annie
      Photovoltaic Testing for Energy Yield Predictions with Sensitivity to Spectral Shifts
      Erin E Looney, Zhe Liu, Andrej Classen, Tonio Buonassisi, Ian Marius Peters
      PVSC (2020) [pdf]
    • July 16 Daisy
      A solar cell that breathes in moisture for energy generation
      Dilip Krishna Nandakumar, Jayraj V. Vaghasiya, Lin Yang, Yaoxin Zhang, Swee Ching Tan
      Nano Energy (2020) [pdf]
    • July 30 Mikhak
      Blockchain Based Decentralized Management of Demand Response Programs in Smart Energy Grids
      Claudia Pop,Tudor Cioara,Marcel Antal,Ionut Anghel, Ioan Salomie and Massimo Bertoncini
      MDPI (2018) [pdf]
    • Aug 13 Gavin
      Room-temperature short-wavelength infrared Si photodetector
      Y. Berencén, S. Prucnal, F. Liu, I. Skorupa, R. Hübner, L. Rebohle, S. Zhou, H. Schneider, M. Helm & W. Skorupa
      Sci Rep (2017) [pdf]
    • Aug 27 Trevor
      Substitution of coal power plants with renewable energy sources – Shift of the power demand and energy storage
      Matthew D. Leonard, Efstathios E. Michaelides, Dimitrios N. Michaelides
    • Sept 30 Mandy
      The impact of climate change on photovoltaic power generation in Europe
      Sonia Jerez, Isabelle Tobin, Robert Vautard, Juan Pedro Montávez, Jose María López-Romero, Françoise Thais, Blanka Bartok, Ole Bøssing Christensen, Augustin Colette, Michel Déqué, Grigory Nikulin, Sven Kotlarski, Erik van Meijgaard, Claas Teichmann & Martin Wild
    • Oct 14 Annie
      Too much of a good thing? Global trends in the curtailment of solar PV
      Eric O’Shaughnessy, Jesse R.Cruce and Kaifeng Xu
      Solar Energy (2020) [pdf]
    • Oct 28 Luc
      Pulsed studies of intervalley transfer in Al0.35In0.65As: A paradigm for valley photovoltaics
      R. Dixit, B. Barut, S. Yin, J. Nathawat, M. Randle, N. Arabchigavkani, K. He, C.-P. Kwan, T. D. Mishima, M. B. Santos, D. K. Ferry, I. R. Sellers, and J. P. Bird
      PRM (2020) [pdf]
    • Nov 11 Erin
      27%‐Efficiency Four‐Terminal Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells by Sandwiched Gold Nanomesh
      Ziyu Wang, Xuejie Zhu, Shengnan Zuo, Ming Chen, Cong Zhang, Chenyu Wang, Xiaodong Ren, Zhou Yang, Zhike Liu, Xixiang Xu, Qing Chang, Shaofei Yang, Fanying Meng, Zhengxin Liu, Ningyi Yuan, Jianning Ding, Shengzhong (Frank) Liu, and Dong Yang
    • Nov 25 Kayden
      Net energy and cost benefit of transparent organic solar cells in building-integrated applications
      Annick Anctil, Eunsang Lee, Richard R. Lunt
    • Dec 9 Neda
      6-W Optical Power Link With Integrated Optical Data Transmission
      Henning Helmers, Cornelius Armbruster, Moritz von Ravenstein, David Derix, and Christian Schöner
    • Jan 25 Peter
      Spectral absorption control of femtosecond laser-treated metals and application in solar-thermal devices
      Sohail A. Jalil, Bo Lai, Mohamed ElKabbash, Jihua Zhang, Erik M. Garcell, Subhash Singh & Chunlei Guo
    • Feb 8 Sebastian
      Engineered 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides—A Vision of Viable Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Catalysis
      Liangxu Lin, Peter Sherrell, Yuqing Liu, Wen Lei, Shaowei Zhang, Haijun Zhang, Gordon G. Wallace, and Jun Chen
    • Feb 22 Rob
      Preparation of efficient photothermal materials from waste coffee grounds for solar evaporation and water purification
      Chih-Feng Wang, Chih-Lin Wu, Shiao-Wei Kuo, Wei-Song Hung, Kuo-Jung Lee, Hsieh-Chih Tsai, Chi-Jung Chang & Juin-Yih Lai
    • March 15 Gavin
      Monocrystalline silicon-based tandem con guration for solar-to-hydrogen conversion
      Duy Phong Pham, Sunhwa Lee, Anh Huy Tuan Le, Eun-Chel Cho, Young Hyun Cho, Junsin Yi
    • March 29 Annie
      A New Photovoltaic Module Efficiency Model for Energy Prediction and Rating
      Anton Driesse, Marios Theristis, and Joshua S. Stein
    • April 12 Erin
      Effects of X‐rays on Perovskite Solar Cells
      Michael E. Stuckelberger, Tara Nietzold, Bradley M. West, Yanqi Luo, Xueying Li, Jérémie Werner, Björn Niesen, Christophe Ballif, Volker Rose, David P. Fenning, and Mariana I. Bertoni
    • April 26 Trevor
      Integration of PV floating with hydroelectric power plants
      Raniero Cazzaniga, Marco Rosa-Clot, Paolo Rosa-Clot, Giuseppe Marco Tina
      Heliyon (2019) [pdf]
    • May 10 Daisy
      Efficient and stable Ruddlesden–Popper perovskite solar cell with tailored interlayer molecular interaction
      Ren, H., Yu, S., Chao, L. et al.
    • May 31 Meghan
      Photovoltaic panel cooling by atmospheric water sorption–evaporation cycle
      Renyuan Li, Yusuf Shi, Mengchun Wu, Seunghyun Hong & Peng Wang
    • June 14 Mandy
      Proton Radiation Hardness of Perovskite Tandem Photovoltaics
      Lang, F., Jost, M., Frohna, K. et al.
      Joule (2020) [pdf]
    • June  28 Gregoire
    • Mikhak
    • Luc
    • Neda
    • Jacob

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